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Future-proof your business with Sharechest

Our three powerful solutions are designed to accelerate your understanding of investors and get you the funds you need to grow your business

Step 1 - Activate the Connector
The starting place for your investor’s journey.

Using a two-way active interface that enables simple and timely 1:1 connections, the Connector is your window to potential investors and dramatically increases engagement between you and some of the most valuable visitors to your website.The Connector widget sits on your page and is designed to work within your existing technology stack. Requiring no integration, it’s fully customizable with your brand, logo and message to potential investors.

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Step 2 - Access the Dashboard
Your one-stop shop for investor management

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the Dashboard allows you to take control of raising funds through an easy-to-use web-based portal.Build your order book, grow your community and manage your investor relations strategy on one powerful platform. No more complicated CRMs or digging through your in box!

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Step 3 - Analyze your data
Powerful analytics tools to understand behavior

Accelerate your investor understanding - and execute engagement strategies - with customized analytics tools from Sharechest.Our customers leverage performance reports every day to understand what the most pressing needs are of their investors, track average investment sizes and execute strategies based on an understanding of investors’ needs and preferences.

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Our solutions are perfect for Investor-intensive sectors such as
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