Frequently Asked Questions

How can Sharechest help me grow my business?

As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we understand the importance of connecting ideas and funding opportunities in a simple and straightforward way. Sharechest takes the guesswork out of raising funds by enabling you to turn anonymous web traffic into qualified investor leads.

How do you connect me with investors?

Our Connector solution, customized with your logo, branding and messaging, sits on top of your website and captures contact information for visitors.
The information is then displayed to you through our Portal in an easy-to-use interface, where you can triage leads and reach out to potential investors in the channel of their choice at a time that’s convenient for both of you.

How do you turn anonymous traffic into qualified leads?

Our research shows that qualified investors aren’t always interested in connecting with a business during regular business hours. In fact, some of our clients’ most valuable investors are on the other side of the world. Our widget captures contact information for people visiting your website and qualifies them based on a number of preset criteria. Then, we flow that information to you, ready to action based on your schedule.

Is it difficult to install the Sharechest Connector on my website?

No! It integrates seamlessly with your existing technology stack and is available 24-7, ready to capture any opportunities to connect with investors.

How would I measure the ROI on Sharechest?

Sharechest enables you to dramatically increase your contact:capture ratio, and transforms your website from a cost to an investment. Your monthly hosting and maintenance fees, which you’d be paying anyway for your website, can now be directly recuperated as opportunities to tangibly generate leads.

How much does Sharechest cost?

We offer a low cost of entry solution with flexible monthly terms. Contact us for a customized monthly price based on your individual business goals and needs.

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