Who is Sharechest?

Sharechest is a Fintech firm specialized in automating and improving connections between investors and issuers.  ​Our financial technology platform enables businesses to connect with investors and become more profitable, more quickly. We empower our customers to grow their ventures and manage investor relations with our simple, smart and powerful technology, which includes a fully customizable interface and powerful backend platform.Sharechest is proud to be 100% founder-owned.
Our story

Investors are important. ​
As a matter of fact, they're the backbone of any successful opportunity. 
As investors and entrepreneurs ourselves, we knew there was a way to enable better and simpler connections between people, capital and opportunities.​ So we created Sharechest.

Our culture

We strive every day to make global connections between issuers and investors better.​
Based in Canada and the USA, our team has decades of experience in capital markets and the powerful technology platforms that power today's investing. ​

This unique point of view shapes our products and services through concept, design and execution.
Our values of transparency, security, user experience, and innovation means every product we develop is user tested with domain experts, our clients, and our personal networks of avid investors.

Meet the Founder

Chad Williams

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